Live for Speed

Game Homepage: Link
Auto Profiling: True
Crashed Input: False
Platform Type: PC
Game Type: Land
Origin: CD
Process Name: LFS

Patching Notes

Warning - One race in cockpit view must be completed before Installing this plugin. Press 'v' on the keyboard to get into cockpit view when in the game. Complete the race in cockpit view then exit the game and install this plugin.

Motion Supported

Roll: Degree Heave: Acceleration Traction Loss: Acceleration Extra 4: NotUsed
Pitch: Degree Sway: Acceleration Extra 2: NotUsed Extra 5: NotUsed
Yaw: Degree Surge: Acceleration Extra 3: NotUsed Extra 6: NotUsed

Vibe Supported

Vibe 1: Rpm Vibe 4: Collision LR Vibe 7: NotUsed Vibe 10: NotUsed
Vibe 2: Gear Shift Vibe 5: Collision FB Vibe 8: NotUsed Vibe 11: NotUsed
Vibe 3: Turbo Vibe 6: Road Detail Vibe 9: NotUsed Vibe 12: NotUsed

 SpeedFans: True

Dash Supported

Speed: Ground Speed Temp: Plane Air Temp Alarm: Brakes Overheating Status: Air Brakes
Speed: Air Speed Indicator ASI Temp: Boat Water Temp Alarm: Weapons Overheating Status: Flaps
Speed: True Wind When Stationary Temp: Track Exit Temp Alarm: Stall Warning Status: Chute Deployed
Speed: Vertical Speed Indicator VSI Pressure: Fuel Pressure Alarm: Missle Launch Detected Status: Landing Gear Bay Doors
Rpm: Rpm Pressure: Oil Pressure Alarm: Fighter Aircraft have Boost Status: Bomb Bay Doors
RPM: Max Rpm Pressure: Coolant Pressure Alarm: Anchor Dragging Status: Canopy
Rpm: Max Percent Pressure: Turbo Pressure Alarm: Shallow Water Status: Trim
Position: Gear Capacity: Fuel Level Damage: Damage Detected Status: Anchor Up/Down
Position: Altitude Indicator AI Capacity: Fuel Capacity Damage: Chassis Damage Status: Flags
Position: Distance Traveled Capacity: Battery Level Damage: Suspension Damage Status: Front Arb
Position: Distance To Destination Capacity: Battery Capacity Damage: Tire Damage Status: Rear Arb
Position: Depth Finder ID: Team ID Damage: Parts Detached Status: Traction Control
Lights: Head Lights ID: Track ID Weapons: Guns Ammo Count 1 Status: Diff
Lights: Break Lights ID: Vehicle ID Weapons: Guns Ammo Count 2 Status: Brake Bias
Lights: Hazard Or Warning ID: Driver ID Weapons: Bombs Ammo Count 1 Extra 1: NotUsed
Lights: Shift Indicator Up Lap: Lap Number Weapons: Bombs Ammo Count 2 Extra 2: NotUsed
Lights: Shift Indicator Down Lap: Best Time Weapons: Cannons Ammo Count 1 Extra 3: NotUsed
Lights: Left Turn Blinker Lap: Previous Time Weapons: Cannons Ammo Count 2 Extra 4: NotUsed
Lights: Right Turn Blinker Lap: Current Time Weapons: Flairs Ammo Count 1 Extra 5: NotUsed
Lights: Taxi Lights Lap: Current Position Weapons: Flairs Ammo Count 2 Extra 6: NotUsed
Lights: TurnOff Lights Lap: Vehicles in Race Weapons: Other Ammo Count 1 Extra 7: NotUsed
Lights: Landing Lights Orient: GPS Weapons: Other Ammo Count 2 Extra 8: NotUsed
Lights: Navigation Lights Orient: Compass Status: ABS Extra 9: NotUsed
Lights: Auxilery Lights Orient: Angle of Attack AoA Status: Hand Break Extra 10: NotUsed
Temp: Oil Temp Orient: Turn Coordinator TC Status: In Pit Extra 11: NotUsed
Temp: Coolant Temp Orient: Heading Indicator HI HSI Status: Pit Limiter Extra 12: NotUsed
Temp: Engine Temp Orient: Wind Angle Instrument Status: Auto Pilot Extra 13: NotUsed
Temp: Car Track Temp Alarm: Engine Overheating Status: Landing Gear Extra 14: NotUsed

Plugin Changelog

2022-08-23 17:34:12 --- Initial Upload v1 ---
2022-08-24 16:28:21 --- Update v2 --- Added game website link.
2022-09-10 15:55:21 --- Update v3 --- Speed Fan update!
2022-09-10 16:38:30 --- Update v4 --- XML update
2022-09-10 16:50:36 --- Update v5 --- Updated website URL