Grid Legends

Game Homepage: Link
Auto Profiling: False
Crashed Input: False
Platform Type: PC
Game Type: Land
Origin: Steam
Process Name: GridLegends

Patching Notes

One race must be completed before installing the plugin. Please complete one race before installing the plugin.

Motion Supported

Roll: Degree Heave: Acceleration Traction Loss: Acceleration Extra 4: NotUsed
Pitch: Degree Sway: Acceleration Extra 2: NotUsed Extra 5: NotUsed
Yaw: Degree Surge: Acceleration Extra 3: NotUsed Extra 6: NotUsed

Vibe Supported

Vibe 1: Rpm Vibe 4: Collision FB Vibe 7: NotUsed Vibe 10: NotUsed
Vibe 2: Gear Shift Vibe 5: Road Detail Vibe 8: NotUsed Vibe 11: NotUsed
Vibe 3: Collision LR Vibe 6: Chassis Vibe 9: NotUsed Vibe 12: NotUsed

 SpeedFans: True

Dash Supported

Speed: Ground Speed Temp: Plane Air Temp Alarm: Brakes Overheating Status: Air Brakes
Speed: Air Speed Indicator ASI Temp: Boat Water Temp Alarm: Weapons Overheating Status: Flaps
Speed: True Wind When Stationary Temp: Track Exit Temp Alarm: Stall Warning Status: Chute Deployed
Speed: Vertical Speed Indicator VSI Pressure: Fuel Pressure Alarm: Missle Launch Detected Status: Landing Gear Bay Doors
Rpm: Rpm Pressure: Oil Pressure Alarm: Fighter Aircraft have Boost Status: Bomb Bay Doors
RPM: Max Rpm Pressure: Coolant Pressure Alarm: Anchor Dragging Status: Canopy
Rpm: Max Percent Pressure: Turbo Pressure Alarm: Shallow Water Status: Trim
Position: Gear Capacity: Fuel Level Damage: Damage Detected Status: Anchor Up/Down
Position: Altitude Indicator AI Capacity: Fuel Capacity Damage: Chassis Damage Status: Flags
Position: Distance Traveled Capacity: Battery Level Damage: Suspension Damage Status: Front Arb
Position: Distance To Destination Capacity: Battery Capacity Damage: Tire Damage Status: Rear Arb
Position: Depth Finder ID: Team ID Damage: Parts Detached Status: Traction Control
Lights: Head Lights ID: Track ID Weapons: Guns Ammo Count 1 Status: Diff
Lights: Break Lights ID: Vehicle ID Weapons: Guns Ammo Count 2 Status: Brake Bias
Lights: Hazard Or Warning ID: Driver ID Weapons: Bombs Ammo Count 1 Extra 1: NotUsed
Lights: Shift Indicator Up Lap: Lap Number Weapons: Bombs Ammo Count 2 Extra 2: NotUsed
Lights: Shift Indicator Down Lap: Best Time Weapons: Cannons Ammo Count 1 Extra 3: NotUsed
Lights: Left Turn Blinker Lap: Previous Time Weapons: Cannons Ammo Count 2 Extra 4: NotUsed
Lights: Right Turn Blinker Lap: Current Time Weapons: Flairs Ammo Count 1 Extra 5: NotUsed
Lights: Taxi Lights Lap: Current Position Weapons: Flairs Ammo Count 2 Extra 6: NotUsed
Lights: TurnOff Lights Lap: Vehicles in Race Weapons: Other Ammo Count 1 Extra 7: NotUsed
Lights: Landing Lights Orient: GPS Weapons: Other Ammo Count 2 Extra 8: NotUsed
Lights: Navigation Lights Orient: Compass Status: ABS Extra 9: NotUsed
Lights: Auxilery Lights Orient: Angle of Attack AoA Status: Hand Break Extra 10: NotUsed
Temp: Oil Temp Orient: Turn Coordinator TC Status: In Pit Extra 11: NotUsed
Temp: Coolant Temp Orient: Heading Indicator HI HSI Status: Pit Limiter Extra 12: NotUsed
Temp: Engine Temp Orient: Wind Angle Instrument Status: Auto Pilot Extra 13: NotUsed
Temp: Car Track Temp Alarm: Engine Overheating Status: Landing Gear Extra 14: NotUsed

Plugin Changelog

2022-10-22 21:33:54 --- Initial Upload v1 ---
2022-10-24 20:02:06 --- Update v2 --- NaN heave fix