What is SimTools motion simulator software?

SimTools is designed to be a simple set of tools that work together to get motion simulators up and running as quickly as possible. All while giving the user the customizations and flexibility they may require for nearly any type of motion simulator design.

SimTools provides the missing link between the game and the motion simulator. It extracts the game values like the force of speed, direction of movement, shifting gear, RPM of the engine, force of acceleration and a whole lot more. Then, all of these values are mixed into a standardized data set which can be used to control the motors of your motion simulator.

While there may be other software products like SimTools on the market, SimTools owns some of the most essential advantages:
• Very easy to use!
• An excellent community to get help and support!
• Some of the most popular race and flight games are supported!
• New games are able to be supported within a short time after coming to the market!
• You are not forced to have your simulator online after the simple registration process!
• A completely modular design allows anyone to build and share plugins for just about anything!

SimTools is a community project that started and matured in the xsimulator.net forums. SimTools works as a partnership between simtools.us and xsimulator.net. Where simtools.us writes the core software and xsimulator.net is where all the plugins & addons are inventoried and offered by a variety of talented coders.

Once you get SimTools 2.0 up and running, head on over to xsimulator.net and join the community. Engaging with the community will allow you to download over 118+ game plugins and other companion apps that can be used with SimTools 2.0.

You can learn a lot more about SimTools and the community behind it by visiting the link below.
XSimulator - Motion Simulator Community