What is SimTools motion simulator software?

SimTools is designed to get motion simulators, dashboards, transducers (butt-kickers), wind simulators and more up and running as quickly as possible. All while giving the user the flexibility that’s required for nearly any type of motion simulator design.


SimTools provides the missing link between the game and the motion simulator. It extracts the game values like the force of speed, direction of movement, shifting gear, RPM of the engine, force of acceleration and a whole lot more. Then, all of these values are mixed into a standardized data set which can be used to control the motors of your motion simulator.


SimTools is built around a unique plugin API system that allows SimTools to be extended in many different ways. The plugin system allows new plugins to be created at any time, and by anybody. Below is a short rundown of the plugin API’s available for SimTools v3.

Game Plugin

The game plugin API allows new games to be supported within a short time after coming to the market. A game plugin can be written to receive telemetry from pretty much anywhere you want to capture telemetry from. Whether it be a game on the pc, or a telemetry module on a radio-controlled vehicle, telemetry is telemetry to SimTools.

Axis Plugin

The axis plugin API allows a plugin writer to 100% control how the math is being computed for their motion output. A plugin writer can look to the axis plugin API when they wish to compute math differently for a custom designed simulator.

Interface Plugin

You are never locked into using any specific hardware. The interface plugin API allows for SimTools to be extended to new hardware at any time. The interface plugin API can also be used to unlock simulators that may be tied into one software package, or where the company is no longer in business.

Virtual PluginVirtual

The virtual plugin API allows a user to create any visual representation of the motion being computed in SimTools. The virtual plugin API can be used to show output from a specific piece of hardware or general motion output, the choice is yours!

Addon Plugin

The addon API allows a plugin writer to add support for anything extra that does not fit into other categories. Whether it be a custom setup form for a specific piece of hardware, or a remote profiler for adjusting settings on the fly settings, the addon system is here for extending SimTools in unique ways.

Skin Plugin

Skins can be used to make SimTools v3 look how the user wants. You can use the skinning system to change as little or as much as you like including change colors, buttons, sliders and so much more!

Setup Plugin

Once you have a fully working setup in SimTools v3, a user can export a setup plugin from SimTools of your complete setup. The setup file can then be sent to anyone and they can setup their copy of SimTools v3 with a single click!

SimTools started its life as a community project that matured in the xsimulator.net forums. You can learn a lot more about SimTools, and the community behind it, by visiting the link below.  XSimulator - Motion Simulator Community